Rheem Gas Hot Water

Are you based in Sydney and having trouble deciding which type of hot water system you should purchase for your household? Have you been searching for a product that will suit all of your family members hot water needs and wants at a reasonable price that won’t run your energy bills through the roof? If the answer to those questions is yes then look no further because Rheem’s extensive range of gas hot water heater systems is sure to have a product that will meet all of your needs.

Rheem’s gas hot water systems have huge benefits not only for your family and yourself, but also for the environment as they all come with a 5 star energy rating. Rheem offers a choice of 4 and 5 star models in a range of different capacities starting from 90 litres up to 170 litres per hour; this means that there is a gas hot water heater to suit nearly every type of family and budget.

If you want to have hot water available to use all the time then Rheem’s continuous flow gas hot water system is the product for you. Continuous flow heaters work differently from normal gas storage heaters as they heat on demand to the exact temperature you want, when you want it. The continuous flow electronic control system is great for families with young children as it allows you to pre-set the maximum water temperature. This feature dramatically reduces the risk of a child accidently scalding themselves.

Regardless of which Rheem gas hot water system you choose to go with, you will be guaranteed a high quality product that will save you money and not have a negative impact on the environment.

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