Gas Hot Water

Continuous flow hot water systems provide an endless supply of hot water. Small and unobtrusive, continuous flow also provides a relatively cost effective way to heat water as you only pay for the energy required to heat only the water that you use.

These systems can be installed externally or internally, and are rated by the amount of hot water they can produce per minute – usually between 10 to 26 litres. A gas supply line is required.

Gas Storage

Gas storage systems store hot water at a consistent temperature in an insulated tank. Water is heated by a gas flame, and the temperature is monitored by a thermostat. Both internal and external models are available and are rated by their energy efficiency which is indicated by stars – the higher the star rating, the better the efficiency.

Capacity and recovery rate determines how much hot water can be delivered per hour. Gas storage also typically heats water much faster than electric systems and therefore a smaller tank will provide the same amount of hot water per hour as a larger electric system.