Servicing Your Hot Water System

Most likely, you won’t realize how important hot water is until your hot water system fails. Suddenly, everything from washing up to showering is an ordeal, especially if it’s a cold time of year. Are you having problems with your hot water system? This article will describe some of the most common issues we encounter with hot water systems, and how we can help you deal with them. Common Hot Water System Problems The two parts of a hot water system that are most likely to fail, and which need regular servicing, are called:

  • The “sacrificial anode”, and
  • The temperature and pressure release valve (or TPR valve for short)

Here is what each of these parts does.

The sacrificial anode is a metal rod that hangs down into the middle of your hot water tank, and is designed to attract and capture minerals and impurities in your water that would otherwise begin to rust and degrade your hot water system. As the name implies, the sacrificial anode is a simple part that’s designed to be replaced every five years. If it’s been five years since your system has been serviced, or if you are having any trouble with your hot water system, you should contact Hot Water in a Hurry to check and replace the sacrificial anode in your hot water system.

The temperature and pressure release valve is a small valve that is mounted on every hot water system as a safety measure; as the name describes, this valve will open if the pressure inside your hot water tank becomes too high for any reason. It may spill some water, but that’s better than bursting your whole tank. TPR valves are extremely important to the proper functioning and safety of your hot water system. If yours fails, it may cause your hot water tank to explode. If your TPR valve seems to be malfunctioning, or if it has been 5 years since your hot water tank was last serviced, you should call our professional technicians on 1300 426 468 to schedule a service.

Our trained technicians will service your system or deal with emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regular maintenance for your hot water system is a must. Call 1300 426 468 today if you need service.